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On November 19th I had to make the hardest decision of my life. My sweet Rosco crossed over. I called that morning and spoke with Gina who was so kind and she was able to get Dr.Miles out to the house that evening. Once Dr. Miles got there she explained everything that was going to happen. She gave Rosco treats petted him and was so gentle. I couldn't have asked for better doctor and staff. She was sweet understanding and gentle with my dog. Once everything started and he went to sleep, she made pawprints and once the last shot was administered and he was gone I lost it, she made sure I was ok. I was even able to take him out to her car so he could be cremated. I could go on and on with nothing but good things to say about this place. Dr. Miles even called later on that evening to make sure I was ok.. Gina and Dr. Miles yall are the best, both of you will forever be in my heart.

Emily L.

I just can’t say enough how Dr. Mel made us feel when we had to let go of our little scrappy. The whole process was compassionate and very peaceful! Dr Mel explained the whole process and made us feel at ease! Thank you Dr. Mel! I picked up my baby today and he is now at home with us! God Bless you and your family ! Angel Pets will help you though this painful process with dignity and respect!

Linda G.

Virginia Beach

There are no words to express my gratitude to both Dr. Melanie and Gina for the services and comfort they provided during my family and I's time of need with our beloved English bulldog Bodie. The genuine care and compassion shown during her visit at our home last night proved that we made the best decision with Bodie's end of life care. This morning Gina both called and texted to check in on how we were doing and to inform me that Bodie's cremains will be ready to pick up tomorrow. It will bring closure to have her back home. Thank you so much for everything.

Denise K.


I recently had to make the decision to end my 16-year old Walker Hound, Marley's life. Without a doubt it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. The morning I knew it was definitely time, we contacted Angel Pets. Within minutes of leaving our information with Gina, we received a phone call from Dr Melanie Cohen, who let us know she could take care of the in home euthanasia immediately. Since we live on the Peninsula and she was traveling from the Southside, she gave us an estimated time of arrival. Once she arrived, I was thoroughly impressed in her technique and compassion for Marley. Our Marley Girl went right to her as she kneeled on the floor and offered her a treat. It was as if to say, thank you for coming to help me and my family. From that minute, I knew we had made the right decision. As I watched Marley react to Dr Mel, my sad tears became tears of relief. Every step of Dr Mel's process was handled with tender love and care and reassurance that we had made the right decision. Dr Mel did not rush the process in any way and at last, our Marley was at peace. As she left with Marley, she assured us we would get her back within three days and we did. The gift bag, beautiful engraved cherry box with Marley's ashes, the certificate of cremation and the copy of the Rainbow Bridge that came with it let us know that Dr Mel stood behind everything she had promised us and we are forever thankful for her services to our family. Even though our Marley will be forever missed, our hearts are forever grateful that we found Dr Mel, Gina and Angel Pets. I own a pet sitting business and have already started recommending Dr Mel and her team. They are top notch!

Regina M.


When we finally decided it was time to let our Sweet Baxter boy go and be at peace and not suffer, we turned to Dr. Melanie. From the moment my husband spoke to Gina her assistant to the end of the process we were treated with compassion. This was the first time my husband and I have had to experience this. Dr.Melanie was so friendly and compassionate to Baxter like she had known him for his lifetime. She explained everything along the way and made sure we were ready for each step. She made sure Baxter was comfortable the entire time. She stepped out to her car to give us some privacy with Baxter once she was done. She brought a warm fleece blanket to wrap him in and transported him with her to be cremated. She made a really difficult moment so much easier and offered for us to call her with any questions or concerns. Dr. Melanie really has found the specialty that she is beyond amazing at!! We cannot thank her enough for coming on emergent notice on a Sunday afternoon. We will recommend Angel Pets over and over again. Thanks again to her and her staff!!

Tracy L.

Virginia Beach

I met Dr. Melanie yesterday afternoon when she came to ease my cat's, transition to a better place. I've never felt more comfortable during an euthanasia procedure than I did yesterday.
From the initial discussion with her assistant, Gina Highfield, and the visit with Dr. Melanie, I was treated with compassion unlike what I've experienced before.
I've always felt that a peaceful end to a fur companion's life is one of the most loving gifts we can give them, second only to the living home we shared. That does not make the process any easier.
Dr. Melanie explained each step and took her time to ensure that Lovey Mew was comfortable and passed in peace. She let me spend as much time as I needed with Lovey to say a final goodbye.
Every moment Dr. Melanie spent with us was full of compassion and respect, and genuine care for both Lovey and myself. I can honestly say that I've never received such a hug from a veterinarian. �
I highly recommend Angel Pets for final care of a beloved animal companion.

Kathy B. 

Virginia Beach

We made both the most difficult and the easiest decision to let our Bella go last night. Her mind remained strong but her body had failed.
Bella was one of the best dogs. We rescued her from animal control as a twenty pound "full grown dog" who quickly grew into a 70 pound couch potato. Bella had a smile when we brought her home which resulted in her name Bella (dona) Sonrisa, beautiful smile. She will be missed by her animal and human family.
Dr. Melanie from Angel Pets Veterinary Hospice is a true blessing. She took time and made everyone including Bella feel at ease. I think Bella knew that Dr. Melanie was there to take away her pain. Bella lived a good life and thanks to Dr. Melanie she died a good death.  
While I wish there was never a need for anyone to call on Dr. Melanie, I cannot recommend her enough. The entire experience from the initial call to the home visit to Dr. Melanie's call today was above and beyond what I expected. We felt as though Dr. Melanie was an old friend. Words are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Melanie and Angel Pets Veterinary Hospice. A very difficult situation was made much easier by her presence and Bella was allowed to die at home where she was comfortable and loved.
Thank you Dr. Melanie and Angel Pets Veterinary Hospice for all you do.

Kristina C.

At first, I was hesitant to even think of Munchie's final vet visit being performed by anyone other than her primary doctor, the man who had given much time, effort, and care during her battle with cancer for the year prior to her passing. I am so happy that I decided to go with Angel Pets at home service. Dr. Gail was wonderful and kind, and so respectful to my precious girl throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Angel Pets and Dr. Gail to anyone needing to send their beloved friends on ahead, and am forever grateful for their compassionate care and selfless service. 

Kelly C.


 I have never met a vet with so much compasion, respect, and heartfelt love for animals. We had Dr. Melanie Cohen come to our house to help our 16 year old Beagle cross to the rainbow bridge. I have 3 other older dogs and will always remember her number. Outstanding services  ❤❤❤

Sally S.

Virginia Beach

Angel Pets was recommended to us by our vet should she be out of town when it was it time for our beloved Duke to pass. The care and compassion shown to us and Duke and our other dog Buddy by Dr. Melanie Cohen was more than we could have ever asked. I'm forever grateful.

Leslie and David R.

Virginia Beach

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Melanie. She came to our home Sunday morning and helped our Tinky cat peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. She made what could have been a potentially traumatic experience a loving, peaceful time for saying goodbye to our sweet fur baby. Her patience, kindness, compassion brought so much comfort to us in letting our Tinky go. 

Nancy S.

 Newport News

2018 has truly been a year of loss for my family. Dr. Mel has been a comfort and light to me this year and her compassion and love for my babies as well as myself will always be remembered. Their passing was calm, dignified and they were surrounded by love. I cannot thank her enough for her compassion, strength and care. You are a special lady with such a warmth in such a dark time. - Candice P.



When we learned that our beloved Hank was terminally ill, we brought him home and tried to ensure he had more good days than not so good. Hank wasn't a fan of car rides and I promised him he would never have to ride in the car again. I knew our regular vet could accommodate us at home but only during normal business hours. He encouraged me to look in to hospice care in case Hank took a turn for the worse when he was not available. I had planned on doing some research and making a plan for that over the weekend but as it turned out, there was no time. When I called Angel Pets and spoke with Gina, I was a blubbering mess but she calmly explained the process and said she'd have Dr. Melanie come to our home as soon as possible. It was a relief to know that I could keep my promise to my handsome hound dog: no car ride to the ER - he would pass at home in his bed with his canine brothers and the people who loved him. When Dr. Melanie arrived, there was a sense of peace about her and we felt comfortable with our decision to end Hank's suffering. Sometimes even when your head tells you you're doing the right thing, your heart still hurts. Dr. Melanie gave us all the time we needed to say our so longs and very calmly explained each step of the process. I don't believe I have ever felt so much kindness and compassion from someone I had just met as I did that afternoon. Hank's crossing over was peaceful and calm and when it was time for him to leave our home he was treated with dignity and respect. If he had to leave us, I am glad we had Gina and Dr. Melanie to help us. Ladies, you make a wonderful team. You are not only professional, you are truly kind people. The world could use more of that.

Anne T.

Virginia Beach

When Our Pug “Bogey “ took a turn for the worst so quickly we made the hardest decision to lay him to rest. He was our “Little Man” with the personality of a giant hero. Beloved by all of our family and friends. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma earlier in the year and he seemed to be doing well until 2 weeks ago when it came back with a vengeance. He was so stoic and sweet even until the very end. But when he wouldn’t eat anything he would normally go crazy to eat. We knew he was not able to fight anymore. My husband and I decided we wanted to have home hospice care for him since we heard such beautiful stories about these services. My husband spoke to Gina and immediately he knew we contacted the perfect hospice angels for our Bogey. We had heard night mare stories from other friends about their experiences at vet clinics and knew our sweet angel deserved only the best crossover. Words can not express the kindness and compassion given by Dr. Melanie. She is an angel herself and she truly wants the best for your beloved fury family member. She has such a calming disposition. Our last moments with Bogey were so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for all that you do for our babies and our families. God Bless you. Jenn and Jim 

Virginia Beach 


\We can't thank Dr. Melanie enough for her incredible compassion and services. Our sweet, handsome boy, Dexter, was not long for this world due to advanced heart disease/heart failure. He decided long before we did that he was ready to go - stopped eating and drinking for six days. The last thing we wanted to do was to put him in the carrier he hated so much, and take him to a cold vet office to live out his last moments with us. Instead, Dr Melanie came to our home. Dexter was comfy in our bed and then on our couch downstairs during the whole process. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALLOWING US THE LAST MOMENTS TO BE IN OUR HOME, DR MELANIE!! BLESS YO FOR ALL YOU DO!  

Lisa T.

I cannot say thank you enough to Gina and Dr. Melanie for their kindness, compassion, professionalism and all out support in helping my Tootsie girl cross over the Rainbow Bridge. From the second you pick up the phone until your beloved pet is at peace they are there for you in every step and every way possible. My gratitude is heartfelt.

Denise T.

Dr Melanie. Thank you ever so much for your care and compassion and be able to come as quickly as you did. I honestly can't thank you enough for what you did to help my mom's baby pass over peacefully with her there with him. And the doughnuts 💙

Amy C.

Virginia Beach


From the bottom of my heart, I would just like to thank you for everything. Dr Miles was wonderful. She was patient, kind, empathetic and I am so glad things went the way it did. Her words were so reassuring that the toughest decision we made was the right one. She let us take our time and she cried with us, my husband and 2 brave boys....

I know my Zoe is running in doggy heaven...I miss her dearly and my heart is shattered into a million pieces but now I know she is pain free. Thank you once again for making something so hard go so smooth....

Lorrie San Juan 


Our family wanted to reach out to you and let you know how appreciate we are of what you did for our family and for others. Deciding to let our dog, Larcy, go was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make and we are so greatful for Gina's phone conversations and Dr. Cohen's compassion during our difficult time. For anyone faced with this diffcult decision, I would highly recommend Angel Pets. Thank you again for all you have done. 

Kelly H.


Dr. Melanie and Gina are both angels from God. I was going through an intense emotional struggle trying to make a decision for my 16 ur old Dachshund who had CCD. After spending all day calling around to different veterinary clinics and getting very cold or routine speeches on what I should do or how they were too crammed packed with appointments to see me or even speak to me, I finally ran across Angel Pets. Gina answered the phone and was such a warm and compassionate person. I knew immediately that she really cared about my situation. She then had Dr. Cohen call me . Dr. Cohen spent well over an hour talking to me , encouraging me and giving me crucial information for sweet boy. She also told me too call her at any time. I had not paid her for any of her time nor did she ask for it. Again, someone who truly cared and wasn't just oit to make a buck. After a few days of talking with them I finally decided it was best for my sweet boy to let him go peacefully. My circumstances were very difficult and they both made all of this possible for my Snoopy and I. Dr. Cohen met my husband,daughter and I on the beach at Dam Neck Naval Base and made it such an extremely positive experience. She spoke with such affection and kindness to him and even brought him some tasty last treats. He was so at peace and knew he was loved. No words can describe what a blessing these two ladies were to me and my family. I will never forget them or their kindness.

 Rachel, P

Virginia Beach

She was amazing. Our dog became very ill very quick. I gave her a call and spoke with Gina. She was very comforting and within an hour of my phone call, Dr. Melanie was here at our home. She explained everything that she was going to do. She treated jewel, our dog, as if she was her own. Once jewel passed, she went outside and gave us a few minutes with jewel alone. She was a blessing to not only jewel but our family. I am forever grateful. 

Jeremy M.

Virginia Beach

Our family had to make the call to Angel Pets Veterinary Hospice on Monday afternoon. Gina was very comforting and understanding on the phone with my mom and talked about all the different options we had. Dr. Melanie was amazing came in with open arms like she was part of the family. Dr. Melanie took her time with our fur baby and explained every step. There was no rushing quick in and out and on to the next patient. We felt like she truly made the situation peaceful. Very thankful they offer this service so we didn't have to take our fur baby to the Veterinary Hospital and he could be at home with us. It takes a special person to do this and Dr. Melanie has the compassion. I would highly recommend her. Both Dr. Melanie and Gina make a great team.

Aimee C.

Thank you for everything! Letting our baby Tank go was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. You all were great and we appreciate everything you guys did for us.

Ashley W.


  • You are simply amazing.... thank you, thank you for.the service you provide. You made one of the worst days of our year much more bearable. Our baby had been sick for days, and Christmas day, she waa tired, she didn't have any fight left. We called dr mel, and she came out within an hour. From the minute she walked in to the minute she left our home, she was so comforting and professional. We never felt rushed, she let us take our time to say goodbye. She explained everything she was doing and why. My pup never felt pain, and was comfortable. I asked if she was taking her to cremation place qhwn she left. DR MEL said "oh no, she is going home with me tonight, I won't let.her be alone...". You truly made this easier on us. Thank you. Wish you could have seen my maddie girl on a good day....

Kelly M.


Tonight my beloved Scout went to heaven after 13 years of bringing joy to me and my family. He went with Dignity and surrounded by love. Thank you Dr. Melanie for your caring and making our last memories of him peaceful and loving in our home. I enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone having to let their baby crossover. Bless You!!

Carol. L


This is the most compassionate, professional, service, I have ever dealt with.
Dr. Melanie came my home, and changed a dire straits situation, into a peaceful, caring, experience.I would highly recommend her to any pet owner versus any other options when it's your pets time. She offered more help than we needed, items and follow-ups to ensure the loving memories of your pet continues. Thank God companies like this.

Brian N.




The most wonderful Dr Mel took care of our beloved Maddy last year.  We have lived all over the US and have never been treated with such kindness and compassion as with Dr Mel Cohen.  Thank you.  Thank you for walking us through all of that with her. For being so kind like she was family to you, like we were family to you. Dr Mel helped us decide when the right time was to let her go so she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Something we didn’t think we needed help with - until we actually did. Dr Mel I’m sure has a very busy schedule,  but it never kept her from checking in on us for months after we said goodbye.  I refer anyone I know to Dr Mel - when your pet is family and the time comes, she is the only person I would trust to take care of families I love. It has been a year and we still get upset thinking of our wonderful dog -dr Mel you have a gift with people and animals. We will never forget how amazing you were to us strangers when we needed you.
From the bottom of our hearts- Thank you ,
The Malik family

Virginia Beach

Last Saturday I had to put my 17 year old Spaniel to sleep. He had been with me through many great and some sad Life Events so the decision to put him down was really difficult. I had been postponing the decision for a while but I knew it was hard. As a research what steps I needed to complete for this to happen I found Angel Vets.   Dr.Cohen was absolutely one of the most gentle person I have met. She guide me through every step of the was and was so compassionate not just about making sure Corky was in no pain during the process but made sure I took my time with him. She explain everything and any question she was so happy to answer. I'm still feeling the void of having to let go of such a great companion I am so happy that I was able to meet Angel Pets and of the people who take care of us. Dr.Cohen once again Thank you and your team for being so nice to me during the entire process!

Laura R.

Virginia Beach