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You were my first dog as an adult. Ten years of pure joy is all you gave to me, and for that, I am forever grateful. Heart failure took you from me 5 yrs ago. Your quirky mannerism, the way you insisted you got things your way, your need to be next to me and touching me at all costs.. I miss those things, I miss you. You helped me through some of the darkest of times, and your memories finally bring a smile to my face as i recall them. Sadness over your loss has finally turned to thankfulness for the time we had.

Gina H.

Virginia Beach



I rescued you because you were beautiful and I felt bad because you were stuck inside an apartment full of definitely had a way of getting people's attention by biting the ankles when you were hungry or wanted outside..thanks for being you and I love you and I'll miss you... lay easy and be free.




In loving memory of our beloved Tinky-cat... thank you for adopting us so long ago and giving us the honor of loving you and being your family. We miss you and love you so much . Sleep peacefully, our sweet fur baby... until we see you again. ❤
Josh, Nancy, Emory & Ben S.


Charlie Brown

It’s so hard to say goodbye to you grandson. I know it’s not forever and that we will be reunited with you one day but the physical part of you not being here is difficult to say the least. You were/are such a good boy and you touched so many lives in your time here. The amazing bond between you and your momma, you could almost swear that she had given birth to you. You made non dog loving people love you. They couldn’t help it! You loved everyone! And they all loved you! You were Charlie and we were all your angels. Now you are our angel sweet sweet boy. You live on in the hearts you touched. Rest In Peace my grandson. Until we meet again...all my love


“Our favorite hello , the hardest goodbye”


Maxximus joyously raced through life collecting friends 👫 🐶 🐈 along the way.  His energy & exuberance couldn't be slowed down even when doing so would have extended his time with us.  We made a difficult decision to prevent a catastrophic injury.  Today in our home, he quietly passed wagging his tail surrounded by me, Justin, Myla & his newest friend Dr.  Miles.  He was a great dog & we did our best to give him a meaningful life. 🐾 💕 

First race without you .....


“ I just completed the VA Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon & dedicated it to Maxximus the best running buddy!  I ran with some of his ashes ☺️.  It turns out running with a broken heart 💔 caused me to add 15 minutes to my normal time.  I think he would still be proud.  I surprised Justin at the end letting him know I ran with Maxx on last time 🥰.  He smiled wide & I may or may not (not sure if legal) have let him swim in the ocean one last time...”




Godspeed Jake! No more pain and running free! I kept my promise to you !! I'll see you on the other side!! Always in my heart!! Jake#2019

Dale P.


Jake followed daddy up the ladder one day and the fire department had to come to the rescue!


Molly Mae


19 years of a full life lived. I watched you walk the kids to and from the school bus for years, even attempting to get on with them. Drove us crazy with your insistent 5am wake up times and the clawing under every door to be let in, but I sure will miss the sound of the bells ringing when you were ready to go outside. Sleeping under the Christmas tree every year, drinking our hot cocoa, and laying on all the wrapping paper. The kids have fought you most mornings to keep your head out of their cereal bowl, most afternoons to just stay off their homework and we haven’t been able to eat ice cream without you for years. You were a “sucker” for a good dum-dum lollipop and a good shoe string through the spindles on the steps. Every home has had boxes in random places filled with tissue paper or shipping materials so that you could hide away. You sat in things that didn’t make any sense and you drove everyone crazy with sleeping on our heads. You gave a side eye when the petting had “gone too far” and you were quick with a “pap-pap” of the paw for good warning. You laid in the middle of the street with no care in the world without moving an inch for neighbors to get in the driveways. You sat on top of our cars so that we couldn’t leave and once we returned you rolled over and over on the warm sidewalk in hopes of a good loving! Whatever it is you were doing, you were always well loved and by SO many. You didn’t know a stranger and several neighbors got to be your second, third or fourth home! You left a mark on every person that ever had the privilege to know you. We will all miss you greatly, Molly Mae. 

Hatchel Family

Maddie Mae


Rest easy my Maddie Mae... we will miss you. Run free, till we meet again...

Madsen Family

Rest easy my Maddie Mae... we will miss you. Run free, till we meet again...

Madsen Family 




Bodie was the most loving dog. She was loved by many and will missed so much. Our hearts are broken, but know you are at peace now.



Yesterday at 0954 we said goodbye to Ransom. Our handsome Ransom. When he was rescued a few years back he was in bad shape. It took us a long time to teach him how to trust again. He was a wonderful dog. Never asked for anything, was always laid back, and just happy to be in the family. He loved to be outside, just laying in the grass. Even in the pouring down rain, even when there was snow on the ground. I'm forever grateful to the amazing people of Angel Pets services. They came to the house to do the procedure so we didn't have to take him to a vet where he would of been scared and the situation would of been worse for him. The vet was amazing. She treated him to donuts and then gently put him in a deep sleep. We said our goodbyes in the comfort of our own home. Apparently this is also better for our other dogs. They understand what happened and wont be searching for him wondering where he is. He was at home surrounded by those who love him, both of the two-legged and four-legged family members. It was so hard to make the decision but it was the right choice to make for him. He was suffering and no one wants their baby to suffer. He is at peace now. It will hurt seeing his bed empty and I will miss his gentleness and the way he quietly said hello. He was always the dog who was last in line and never minded. He never begged for food or treats. And never seemed to mind if the other dogs stole his treat. He was just happy being a part of the family. We were his angels for a while... But he will be ours forever...We love you Ransom

Rodney and Kerris T.


Lovey Mew

You came into my life as a beat-up, very sick senior who I thought would only be with me a short time. The vet said you were "as old as the hills", but as you started to feel better, you certainly didn't act it. You had the spirit of a kitten and love that never quit. After being with me for over 18 months, cancer reared its ugly head and robbed you of that kittenish attitude. Yet you never lost your affection for me or the dogs, who also loved you. You were a great gift at a time I needed you. You are loved and sorely missed sweet girl.

Kathy B.

Virginia Beach



Although you've been gone for many years, you are missed and thought about every day. You took a piece of my heart with you.

Kathy B.

Virginia Beach 



Daxter, from the moment you came into our lives you were pure joy, complete love, and endless source of laughter. I am so thankful that I got to be your Mom. It has been several months, but I still feel an pang of pain every time I look at that spot on the couch. Buddy, too tongue..... I love you and miss you every day, your silly antics, snoring self, wiggle butt and even the stinky farts. Thank you for your unconditional love, for being with me through so many ups and downs, so many life changes, you have been my constant. Thank you for being such a brave boy, my gorgeous baby. I love you forever....

Love mommy 

Melanie C.

Virginia Beach